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        In the Light of the King's           Countenance is Life

It was in the time of Ceasar Nikolai I in Russia when Jewish children were kidnapped by Russian soldiers. Those children were taken to army camps and under severe torture they were forced to be baptized and forget about their Jewish identity. Many of those children died, others turned away from Ydishkeit, and there are many stories of heroism where little children gave away their life to remain true Jews. One of the stories is about a Jewish child that was lured to choose the easy way and forget about his Jewish connnection. To save the soul of the child he was brought to the Rebbe Tzemach Tzedek. When the child saw the holy face of the Rebbe, looking like an angel descending from heaven, and as the Rebbe stared at the child with his holy piercing eyes the Jewish Neshama was revived, and he turned to be one of the great followers of the Rebbe.

                Original Painting Acrylic on Canvas (72" X 60")                          For closer view of click on the portraits


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